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Preparing for your thesis presentation and deliberation or working on your materials for the next Board meeting of the Company, and then there goes your hard drive crashing down. Suddenly your screen turns black. The fact that you need a hard drive repair comes into your mind. Fear creeps in as the thought of losing all the materials and wasted time preparing it. Pray hard that you can recover it. Do not get alarmed; stay calm. There are many ways now to save your files when you need a hard drive repair done. But first, do your “first aid kit” when things like this happen. Restart your computer. But if it keeps on saying: insert a bootable media, try to switch your hard drive from IDE1 to IDE2. If it still will not start, remove your hard disk drive from your computer and try it to your co-employees computer. If it still will not work then you will need a hard drive repair done. But your main concern at the moment is how to save the materials for your thesis or the Board meeting. Get yourself a data recovery software, which is available in the market. Some comes for free and downloadable. Again, pray that it works, because there is no 100 percent guaranty that it will work. If it does not work then it is time for you to bring your PC to someone who specializes in data recovery. Unless your hard disk drive is physically or mechanically damaged, then they will be able to recover your files. After you have recovered your files, you can then have a hard drive repair made.

It is always good to know where to go to have a hard drive repair. Though we are not wishing for our computer to breakdown, it is still nice to know where to go when an emergency like need to have a hard drive repair comes up. You can search for list in the Internet or the Yellow Pages. The hard drive is the core of a computer. Just like our heart is of our body. The hard drive stores every important software and data. It stores the most important software for a computer to run like your Operating System. If you are encountering power fluctuation in your area, it is sensible to invest in a UPS. This will protect your PC from sudden fluctuation and upsurge of power in your area. Take care and use your computer properly. Remember the Do’s like turning off your computer correctly. This might seem petty but a lot of computers collapse due to improper shutting down of their PC. Have patience in seeing that it is really off before shutting down. Always have your PC on a stable table. Falling on the floor can easily cause a hard drive damage. Especially now that hard drives come in different sizes and nature. Some can be sturdy and some imitations can be fragile. But in case you need someone to do the hard drive repair, just view your emergency list of phones and addresses to bring your computer. Good luck.

Data recovery depends on the extent to which the hard drive is damaged. Different data recovery approaches are used depending on the type of failure faced by the hard drive. A hard disk may crash due to physical or logical failures. When data is inaccessible and data recovery solutions seem unable retrieving the data, one may opt to purchase a new hard drive. Though it is an expensive option, it is better than risking future loss of data or permanent loss of data in the event of performing basic scans on the hard drive in trying to salvage the lost data. If possible, the damaged sectors of the hard drive are repaired and its contents are retrieved through data recovery solutions ready to be transferred to a different destination to minimize the risk re-occurrence.

The purchased hard drive is installed as a master drive and the original hard drive is reassigned as the slave drive. An operating system is installed into the master drive making it possible to boot from it while accessing the slave drive. The user is able to transfer any data recovered from the slave drive to the master drive. This option may be dangerous if the exact cause of the previous hard drive failure is not established and resolved.

Symptoms of Hard Drive Crash

Before a hard drive crashes, it exhibits some signs that appeal for immediate back up of all files and folders. The symptoms range from mild to alarming signs. Both physical and logical hard disk failures send out different warnings. The early warning signs include first, unresponsive mouse cursor and ignoring of keyboard input into the computer. This prompts for a reboot since nothing works. Second, files disappear mysteriously. Created and saved files cannot be traced. Third, the computer becomes extremely slow in creating and manipulation of files and folders. This pave ways to critical symptoms which lead to the hard drive crash?

The critical symptoms that signify that the hard drive is at the verge of crashing are: an irritating, high pitched, metallic sound from the drive. A normal functioning drive spins with a smooth whirling sound. When this changes, it is a clear indication that the hard drive is malfunctioning. Besides this, the screen displays a “STOP” error messages showing that the windows system is experiencing a critical hardware or software problem. This error messages are also known as the “Blue Screen of Death”. Furthermore, the computer experiences a frequent rebooting sequence by its own. This may be because of dust covering the motherboard or hardware issues but in many a times; it is due to drive problems. Furthermore, in critical conditions, a computer may display the error message “drive not formatted”. This is usually the peak of it all. An error message describing the absence of an operating system may be displayed. This confirms that a computer no longer detects the hard drive because it may be badly damaged to be read.


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