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College Students And Computer Literacy

September 18, 2015 Categories: Uncategorized. Tags: college students and computer literacy. No Comments on College Students And Computer Literacy

Are our schools producing the computer-literate graduates we expect? Sometimes yes and sometimes no, if the college products who walk through our doors are typical.

Corporate computer managers often dread the newly minted graduate who trots in, takes a look at the computing environment and runs off to management saying, ‘Oh, you’ve just got to get X or I can’t possibly do my job.’ X, of course, is either the software or the hardware our graduate used in school.

Recently, I read an alarming sentiment from a university computer manager who fervently hopes Steve Jobs will price the NeXT at about $3,500 so all the manager’s students could afford it. What am I going to do with an employee who thinks computing starts and ends with a NeXT?

And not too long ago, a graduate student at a major university where the Macintosh is the standard student computer told me she couldn’t imagine using an IBM PC, or even one …

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