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Science And Engineering Key To The Future Of America

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Most deans also believe students from high school to kindergarten must receive more exposure to science and engineering.

A program at Northeastern University (Boston, MA) is trying to provide that exposure. Northeastern sponsors 2- to 4-week seminars for high-school faculty members in an effort to improve their methods of teaching and to introduce students to engineering.

AT the University of Massachusetts (Amherts, MA), summer sessions in engineering target high-school students. Students learn about personal computers and low-level engineering and visit nearby electronics companies.

The AEA has also taken an active interest in upgrading education in math and science at both the elementary and high-school levels. It produces and distributes “The K-12 Model Program Guide For Industry/Education Partnerships” on a quarterly basis. This guide outlines various programs that have been successfully implemented across the US to enhance math and science education. The AEA hopes other schools will emulate these programs.

Women and minorities

As the white-male population continues to decrease, universities

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