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Staying Competitive With Literacy

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The US work force has a literacy rate of 80 percent while Japan’s is 95 percent: Better education could strengthen economic competitiveness.

To meet today’s challenges, our educational system should be producing thoughtful and creative workers. But our schools don’t measure up. What if children grew up enjoying learning and maintained that attitude? Their responses to our troubled future would be better guided, more thoughtful, more intelligent. This should be the goal for our schools; and technology can help. Revolutionizing our schools won’t be a quick fix, but in the long run ignorance is far more costly.

Literacy pays dividends.

The business sector has a longterm interest in educational improvement. A recent article in Business Week, “Human Capital: The Decline of America’s Work Force,” concludes that “investments in education and training will yield sure-fire retums we can’t afford to ignore.” The computer industry, too, should take a leading, pro-active role in the coming educational revolution. Along with fierce competition

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