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Mike, It Was Really Nothing

December 3, 2015 Categories: Uncategorized. Tags: mchael dukakis and education and presidential candidates. No Comments on Mike, It Was Really Nothing

Education is all the rage among the presidential candidates this year. It’s the one-word answer to every tough question — how America can boost its productivity and competitiveness, how to stop the AIDS and drug, plagues, how to uplift the underclass. George Bush, desperately looking for ways to distinguish himself from the Reagan administration, says he wants to be known as ‘the education president” (borrowing a line from Lyndon Johnson) and asserts that “education can be our most important trade program, our most important urban program, our best program for producing jos and bringing people out of poverty.” The Democrats are making similarly lavish promises, in partnership with certain foundations. Michael Dukakis vows that he’ll “work to make America first in the classroom, first in the workplace, first in the research laboratory, and first in the world.”

His war was lost, sadly.

These sentiments are laudable, but the candidates’ records and position papers don’t indicate that they are

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