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New Innovations In POS Systems

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The winning pos systems, which are PC-based, costs about $20,000 per store to install. It is well worth it, according to Heaton.

“We can get sales at any point in time, by the hour or quarter-hour,” she says. Managers can find out the product mix at any given time; run out reports of servers’ sales and average checks; and obtain an entire-store financial statement. Store-to-corporate-office E-mail and inventory functions will soon be available.

As fantastic as the new system is, the logistics of setting it up were mind-bending, Heaton says. The touch screen, she explains, contains icons on a flat surface–one for each menu item. Instead of turning in a paper order sheet to the kitchen, servers press the icons and the order comes up in the kitchen. “You’ve seen a Denny’s menu,” Heaton says. “What are they, nine pages? Imagine putting that on a screen.”

Indeed, learning the menu layout is proving to be the most difficult part of

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