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Dekalb Schools Set A Precedent

November 12, 2015 Categories: Uncategorized. Tags: dekalb and private schools. 1 Comment on Dekalb Schools Set A Precedent

DeKalb County parents, reportedly worried about the possibility of court-ordered busing, have turned to area private schools as safe educational havens for their children. And some of the more worried have considered moving out of the county.

“To some degree we do understand parents are looking to put their children in private schools,” says Andrew J. Olsen, director of communications for the Duval County school system. “There’s always the possibility of forced busing, which we don’t anticipate. We don’t see any indication of a mass exodus from the schools yet.”

Dorris Winecoff, a Realtor with Buckhead Brokers, has been selling homes in DeKalb County since 1964. She says that the community – black and white – is rallying behind the schools. In April, the DeKalb Board of Realtors will visit all the schools in the county so the Realtors can better sell the school system to prospective customers, she says.

Winecoff admits the signs she has gotten have

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