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California Dreamin’ Turns To Nightmare For Education

September 17, 2015 Categories: Uncategorized. Tags: california education\, jarvis gann, and prop 13 california. 1 Comment on California Dreamin’ Turns To Nightmare For Education
That is one ugly California school!

For most of the country, California’s Proposition 13 has become a footnote to an era that’s had a surfeit of talk about tax revolt and tax reform. But eight years and two political cycles later, it’s clear that, for California, Jarvis-Gann, wasn’t a passing fad, but a conscious political decision, institutionalized by two governors and reconfirmed in every election since, to cut taxes, cap public spending, and curtail public services. As a result, California, which was once regarded as a leader among states in progressive government, public education, and social service, is now not much better than average.

Consider the numbers. In a decade California has dropped from sixth to 15th in per capita public spending, from 14th to 29th in spending per $1,000 of personal income. It now spends less than the national average for each child in its public schools (it stands 26th in the nation, between Ohio and Texas), comes in

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