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French Surrender In Education? Say It Isn’t So…

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Chirac attack!

It appeared to be total capitulation. In the face of spreading, and ever more violent, demonstrations by students, and the threat of a general strike by the major unions, French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac withdrew his controversial university-reform plan. What Chirac’s government had proposed was hardly draconian: a small rise in tuition fees, more autonomy for the state-run and -supported universities in choosing their students, other relatively minor reforms to debureaucratize an overloaded, overcrowded system.

The students who took to the streets in protest, first in some of the smaller cities and then in Paris, were not spiritual heirs of Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the student revolutionaries whose riots in May 1968 resulted, one year later, in the departure of le grand Charles from French public life. These were thoroughly bourgeois students who were asking only for a better chance at a better life. The lot of the French collegian is hard: The universities from the Sorbonne on down

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