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Satellite And Remote Courses Becoming Huge

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Satellite and microwave transmissions have become commonplace in continuing education. Transmissions are typically set up between a university and a corporation, and both satellite and microwave transmissions allow for 2-way audio, which means engineers can ask professors questions during the lecture, just as if they were in the campus classroom. Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts are just two examples of universities that run such programs.

Distances no longer a problem.

Some companies have even moved beyond the one-university, one-corporation satellite link. Texas Instruments, in conjunction with Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX), created an extended continuing education system that serves Northern Texas. Called The Association for Graduate Education and Research, or TAGER, and now operated independently by the Texas Association for Higher Education (Dallas, TX), the network includes SMU, the University of Dallas, the University of Northern Texas, and the University of Texas at Arlington. The network transmits classes via microwave to a variety of subscribers, including Motorola, Rockwell

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